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Stretched, But Unstressed

“The only thing that matters in the end is if we are healthy and stress free or not, and at I.H.S. we realize the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Our dedicated team of experts focus on formulating various training and awareness modules while keeping in mind the challenges faced by today’s generation. We understand that in the ever changing scenario of modern lifestyle Wellness is not an option anymore, it has become a necessity. That’s why we strive to build a culture of healthcare and wellbeing, and as the name suggests – Infinite is the name and so is the approach.”

-Ullas Narain, Co-Founder

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The foundation of I.H.S was laid in 2013 with a vision in mind- “To cure what cannot be endured and endure what cannot be cured”.
Through I.H.S we strive to build a WELLNESS culture by incorporating Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition through a Holistic approach as a part of one’s daily lifestyle.

Our team of dedicated professionals provides expertise in all forms of Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness for general fitness, maintenance and longevity The prime rationale of I.H.S lies in building a social environment free of ailments applicable to all age groups. This is done through our varied training deliverables that focuses on lifestyle management and stress free daily routine, something that we tend to miss out upon due to the fast paced daily routine, over loaded with professional and personal pressure.

Headquartered in Delhi, we have now proudly marked our presence all over India, delivering best of Healthcare and Wellness to different segments of the market. Our approach is simple- to provide something we’d LOVE to do ourselves. Therefore, we listen, understand and deliver customized Healthcare program and solutions.

The History of IHS at a Glance

  • "The Beginning Of A New Era"

    Registered and recognized as a corporate set up on 25th September, 2013 by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as Infinite Health Studios Pvt. Ltd. Yoga was the key service with various kinds of training patterns designed and delivered at studio locations and on a personal note at homes/offices. An Instrumental development took place to form an expert team, dedicated to take care of the varied deliverables.

  • "Our Work"

    The service deliveries got diversified with an addition of the concepts of Wellness and proper Nutrition. I.H.S. became the pioneer in Delhi/NCR for excellence in Yoga services. One day workshops and regular trainings were conducted and are still going on in association with pharmaceutical giants like Bayer, with which we catered to more than 23000 patients for Diabetes control and prevention at various hospitals and clinics across PAN India.

  • "Instrumental Developments & Growth"

    2015 kicked off on a very high note as we got associated with different industries like retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc. We catered to more than 50000 patients in association with pharma giants Abbott, with a target to improve the health conditions of patients for particularly constipation and digestive disorders under the project name of Constipasana. We delivered lifestyle management seminars to various corporate as well as individuals to make them understand the importance to have a healthier lifestyle in this fast paced corporate culture.


The Heart of our culture is set and nurtured by people having firm belief in Health and Wellness through positive and definitive Lifestyle Changes.We believe in a culture of creative freedom, vision of expression, unbound ideas and innovations which has brought together the staff of IHS guided by the same core values.  


To establish I.H.S as a premier in Health and Wellness sector with a finesse in Yoga & other fitness and wellness services. The agenda is to be an outstanding leader to the society by meeting all standards of excellence in order to produce globally accepted trainers in the industry.  

Awesome People Behind IHS

“We all have different understandings and methods for Fitness , Healthcare or wellness , but for me it was one-Yoga and a lot can be achieved with Yoga , Meditation and corrective breathing Practices , practicing this helped me to create I.H.S. The aim is to be a part of each individual and help each one understand how important can this training help measuring ones own lifestyle in an absolute natural way , Yoga is indeed ancient , however a perfect science which deals with Evolution and Humanity and makes you attain self realisation to whatever you do , its indeed a re union of the body with consciousness and in fact consciousness with the soul. It helps us cultivate the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day to day life and endows skill in the performance of ones actions. It battles inner weakness and wins focus, it makes you cross each barrier, challenge (Big or small ).I would surely agree saying that it is a systematised collection of laws applied to bring about a definite end with Infinite Experiences , My aim at I.H.S. is simple which is to reach out to every individual and this approach is Infinite. This Training will make a difference , believe in me.”

- Rohit Dhingra, Founder and CEO

Rohit Dhingra

Founder and CEO

Ullas Narain

Co Founder and Director-Operations.

Surendra Singh

CO Founder and Director-Training

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Regular training of Traditional Yoga
Lifestyle management in association with Max Life Insurance will be conducted at various residential apartments at Dwarka.

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