The Heart of our culture is set and nurtured by people having firm belief in Health and Wellness through positive and definitive Lifestyle Changes.We believe in a culture of creative freedom, vision of expression, unbound ideas and innovations which has brought together the staff of IHS guided by the same core values.

We are proud to be associated with professionals and trainers from best of the Health Schools and Educational Backgrounds with a varied exposure in providing Wellness and related services.We always strive to enable our staff to realize and work upon their full potential by providing a dynamic working environment.

Interaction is always encouraged upon with regular weekly or biweekly meetings generating ideas, betterment of service deliveries or sorting issues confined to professional level.We have our presence Pan India and that has helped us in bringing people of different backgrounds and cultures together making the work environment really diverse and exciting.It is of utmost importance to us that our employees feel valued and feel pride in being a part of one of the best working environments.

That makes us work more towards providing them with enriched professional environment and an an out-going social experience at the same time which in turn is focused through each and every client that gets associated with us.