Practice of Yoga and Meditation requires regular practice and consistency. While some people are able to achieve it with regular practice confined within their homes, many of us require that group participation to keep the energy and motivation levels going. It is specifically applicable to beginners or young people who want to build a basic understanding of Yoga along with regularity in sessions.

Few of the benefits of Practicing Yoga in a dedicated Yoga Studio:

  1. It ensures motivation and encouragement. The energy flow within a Yoga class always remain high ensuring that you push yourself enough to attain the maximum benefits.

  2. Various forms of Yoga and its variations can be practiced under one roof which in turn keeps the interest levels intact.

  3. Practicing Yoga in a group ensures it to be a social activity wherein you meet like-minded people, can share your experiences and set up common targets.

We, at I.H.S. have our dedicated state of the art training studios across Delhi and are also working in associations with various Yoga studios across India. At our Yoga studios, your Yoga journey is taken through a path of Mind-Body-Soul development. It is a space where you can practice different forms and moods of Yoga under our expert guidance. You can put your worries and stresses outside, breathe and relax. The studios have been so designed that they help in letting go of day to day worries while practice of Meditation and Pranayama helps to establish a deeper connection with your higher self.

Generally, a class is of 1 hour duration which is broken down into Aasana ,Pranayam and Dhyana. The different variations of Yoga delivered at I.H.S Studios are:

Few of the benefits of Practicing Yoga in a dedicated Yoga Studio:

  1. Traditional Yoga: Based on the concept of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga

  2. Power Yoga or VinayasaAshtanga Yoga

  3. Flow Yoga

  4. Alignment Yoga

  5. Yoga for Lifestyle Disorders-Corrective Yoga

  6. Musical Yoga

  7. Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation techniques are a part of these routines.

To get started, just inform your trainer if you have any specific medical condition, wear comfortable will eventually help in loosening of your joints and ensuring strength and flexibility-the ultimate fitness aim of Yoga.